Simple Strategies for a Happy Isolation

Self isolation is something most of us have never experienced before, at least not deliberately.  In this post I will outline some simple tips about how you can take care of yourself physically and mentally during self isolation, as we collectively take this measure to help flatten the growing COVID-19 curve.

This is arguably one of the strangest periods of our lifetime. There are so many different perspectives about what’s happening right now. I’m not going to get into detail about what this all means or how we should interpret it because everyone has the right to their own belief system.

There are those who thrive in the midst of a crisis such as this and those who suffer even during the best of times. But there are some fundamentals that speak to everyone. For instance, everyone will benefit from better sleep, better nutrition, regular activity and sunlight. In addition, everybody wants to feel good so focusing on doing things that pay off in joy should be seriously considered. It would be valuable for us to see what today’s circumstances are offering us, as opposed to what they are taking away from us.

1. Sleep

Many people in modern society are sleep deprived and overworked. Take this opportunity to catch up on much needed rest. This is a unique time when you may not have to follow a strict schedule. When you’re tired, take a nap. Remove the alarm clocks and phones out of the bedroom and see what your natural wakeup time is and learn to read your physical ques. If you’re sleeping in excessively, you may need to catch up on sleep. Take this time to assess how to make your bedroom more comfortable. It may be time for new pillows, black out blinds or a white noise machine.

2. Water

Getting enough water is essential and now is the time to really ramp it up. Water can help flush out toxins, keep your cells robust and your system humming. I drink a little over 3 liters every day. It helps to have a 1 liter water bottle and simply refill it 3 times. You are likely to drink more water from a large water bottle than a small one and even less so if you’re drinking by the glass.

3. Supplement Wisely

Most of your nutrients should come from nutrient dense foods. Smart supplementation, however, can provide an extra boost. The supplements I take daily are the ones I consider important for immune support and include:

Cod liver oil (I use Blue Ice Fermented cod liver oil)

Vitamin D3

Vitamin K2

Camu Camu powder (vitamin C)

Beef liver capsules (vitamin A)

vegetable powders (carrot, beet, kale, chard, leek, collards)

1 TBS blackstrap molasses for extra iron and copper

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for keeping the immune system strong and killing toxins and viruses.

The benefits of real sunlight cannot be overstated. The best way to achieve this is to simply expose your skin to sunlight for 15-20 minutes every day. On overcast days, supplement with vitamin D3 and make sure to take this vitamin with fat as it is a fat-soluble vitamin. If you take it with just water, you’ll simply excrete it. Another form of beneficial light is through infrared sauna light therapy.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is your first defense against toxins and viruses. The best sources of vitamin A come from chicken or beef liver, egg yolks, cod liver oil, kidneys, grass fed raw cheese, fish eggs and liver capsules. To avoid vitamin A toxicity, omit synthetic vitamin A pills and stick to food grade supplements and food.

4. Movement

It’s important to remind yourself to go for a walk (if permitted) or participate in an exercise program, either at home or outdoors (in a safe environment, at an acceptable distance from others). You should be engaging in movement every day. You can search for a home workout online or make one up on your own.

5. Learn Something New

For some people, one upside from this crisis is that it’s forcing people to eat at home. I regularly cook my meals at home, and I think this is the single biggest difference in my routine from a lot of people I know, and it has served me very well. But it’s important that your meals are delicious.

If you don’t know how to cook or season food properly so that your meals are palatable, now is the time to learn how to cook. Studies show that those who eat mostly at home are leaner, healthier and have far fewer health issues and trips to the doctor than those who eat out every week. But you’re not going to stick to it if your food sucks. They say it takes three days to turn an action into a habit. Learn this life skill and it will serve you forever.

6. Work on Your Default State

What is your default state of mind? Are you someone who is often ornery or worried? What is your mood when you first wake up? What kinds of thoughts and conversations do you have with yourself on a daily basis? This is a great time to work on who you want to be from now on. There are many great books on how to achieve this for every personality. It might mean taking a stroll down the new age isle. If that doesn’t speak to you, take a look at the science section for countless books on how to be happier and how to self-improve. The internet is rife with information that you can hone in on right from your living room.

Fix Your Thinking. Even if you Have to Fake It

“Worry and panic are churned up by the media. It’s important to stay calm. If you’re really stressed out, you’re depleting yourself of the very vitamin you need to fight this virus; vitamin A.”  —Sally Fallon Morell, founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation

What you think about can affect you in a physical way. During these difficult times, many have had “false alarms” of feeling very ill simply by stressing out. The adage ‘worried sick’ is literal. Chris Kresser, MD talks about the brilliance of the mind and delves deeper into the placebo effect. I highly recommend reading or listening to this podcast as he explains just how powerful the mind really is.

The Time is now

Self-care is of the utmost importance during this unique period. Now is the time to emphasize the self in its various forms, physically, emotionally and psychologically. If we shift our perspectives and take this time to improve who we are, we will not only survive the unforeseen future, but we will thrive in it.

Wishing you all well-being and abundance.





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